Case Studies

Case Study – A Prestigious Utilities Company

The Company selected IDM Technologies to provide state-of-an-art Privileged Account Management (PAM) solution as the Company did not have a systemic tool to identify privileged accounts nor the ability to monitor or track privileged user activities, and no proper system to enforce and ensure compliance for privileged account management policy for privileged users.

Case Study – A Leading Transportation Company

The company selected IDM Technologies to provide comprehensive state-of-the-art Identity & Access Management (IAM) solutions and services. Based on priority and scope, IDM provided role-based provisioning for new users and Single Sign-On (SSO) services to both on-premise and web applications, Multifactor Authentication (MFA), and Passwordless Authentication. IDM also automatically deactivated user accounts when employees leave the company and modified accounts when employees change jobs within the company.

Case Study – A Leading Multinational Telecommunications Company

IDM Technologies was selected by a multinational telecommunications company in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa to provide comprehensive upgrade services and to provide ongoing support services. By combining best-in-class software tools using industry methodologies backed up with best practices to improve the security postures, automate the process, and gain visibility and overall user experiences.

Identity And Access Management (IAM)

One of the major Government entities is engaged IDM IAM implementation. Challenge was to replace Disparate Management by Centralized Management for User identities, roles, entitlements relace by centralized approach and established Role Based Access Control.

Ping Access Management

Reputed Business House in United States used flexible Hybrid deployment with other IAM components without the need to migrate end to end existing solution.

SailPoint IdentityIQ

Reputed Business House in United States used Centralized management of user identities, roles and entitlements and established Role Based Access Control.

Oracle Identity And Access Management (IAM) Stack

Government, Middle East client used IDM centralized user authentication and authorization using SSO and session management. Leveraged expertise in coding skills to develop custom solutions not available OOTB.

IBM Secret Server PAM Implementation

Government, Middle East client used IDM compliance with the password change requirements set by the organizational policies. Change monitoring via session recording.

BeyondTrust PAM Implementation

Government, Middle East client used IDM’s service for custom connectors for RPC and service account dependencies and Integration with SIEM platform for account related event monitoring.

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