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Our team will design & implement the Identity Security solutions based on your need, priority with uncompromising expertise.

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Our highest priority is to ensure we cover all your needs in order to set up, enabling you to achieve your IAM program smoothly.

Not stopping there – if you need us to run a Proof of Concept, help you with a Request for Information/Proposal, or assist you with IAM software tool selection, we assure you our expertise and experience will always support you in your IAM journey. Our team will support you with assessment, design, and integration through our implementation methodologies and best practices.

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Reputable IAM design & implementation services run by our experts with years of experience in executing the most challenging IAM programs.

Key Services

Capturing Software Requirement Specifications

Creating a Software Requirement Specification (SRS) for an Identity & Access Management (IAM) system is a crucial step in the development process. An SRS outlines the functional and non-functional requirements, features, and constraints of the system.

Detailed Solution Design

Designing an effective Identity & Access Management (IAM) solution involves a systematic approach to ensure proper authentication, authorization, and access control across your organization’s resources. Creating a well-designed IAM solution requires collaboration among various teams and a thorough understanding of the organization’s needs, security requirements, and technology landscape.

Installation and Configuration

Installing and configuring an Identity & Access Management (IAM) system involves setting up the software, integrating it with existing systems, and defining the necessary authentication and authorization policies. IAM installation and configuration require careful attention to detail, thorough testing, and collaboration between IT teams, security experts, and stakeholders.

Application Integration

Integrating applications with an IAM system requires a combination of technical expertise, careful planning, and collaboration between different teams within your organization. The ultimate goal is to provide users with secure, convenient, and efficient access to the applications they need while maintaining strong security measures.

Business Continuity Planning (HA/DR)

Identity & Access Management (IAM) business continuity planning is essential to ensure the continuous availability and security of your organization’s IAM system, especially during unforeseen disruptions or emergencies. A well-designed IAM business continuity plan helps your organization mitigate risks and minimize disruptions, allowing you to maintain secure access to critical resources even in challenging disaster recovery situations.

Key Services for:

Identity & Access Management (IAM)

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

  • Design & implement PAM programs to secure privileged accounts and critical assets.
  • To align compliance to improve audit process and ensure policies are continuously followed
    Enforcing least privilege on endpoints.

Database & Directory Services – LDAP

  • Implement database & Directory Services (LDAP) based on design of IAM & PAM programs.
  • Build cloud database & Directory Services (LDAP).
  • Implement database & Directory Services (LDAP) based on custom solution design.

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