Customer Identity & Access Management (CIAM)

Untie the layers of Identity, giving customers a CIAM experience that feels tailored, unforced, and secure.

Provide customers with experiences they will love with the security they want

CIAM enables you to give your customers a frictionless and highly personalized online experience. With advanced security, consent management, privacy protections, and self-service, CIAM helps you acquire customers faster, improve retention, and protect customer data.

CIAM - Customer Identity And Access Management

Know your customers better over a period of time

Convert unknown website visitors to known, active, and registered users with progressive profiling, which allows a user to register with just an email address, for example, and then provide more information over time so that you can create a comprehensive profile for greater personalization.

Build customer confidence

Provide customers control over who has access to their data, for how long, and under what circumstances to earn their trustworthiness and enable them to revisit.

Key Solution Fuctionalities are:

Encourage customer retention

Increase time spent on your website

Foster a sense of community among end-users and the company

Increase average sales

Increase the number of sales to each customer

Facilitate data-gathering and records management which respect to user privacy controls and laws