Privileged Access Management

Safeguard your business and its most treasured assets (sensitive data and critical information) secure with robust privileged access management solutions.

Discover, manage, audit, and monitor privileged accounts and credentials

Obtain secure sighting, management, auditing, and monitoring for all privileged credentials, enabling complete control and accountability over privileged accounts to meet compliance.

Enforce the principle of least privilege

Remove all local administrative credentials at the same time including hardcoded and hidden ones.

Control access to your data

Obtain rule and role-based access control to all target systems allowing only access to those data in need; helping Administrators to manage, monitor, and control privileged accounts down to the individual end-user.

Endpoint Privilege Management

Block malware-based attacks with least privilege and application control that’s easy for IT support teams and seamless for users.

Least Privilege Enforcement

Against Attacks

Block from
Credentials Theft

Threat Detection & Protection

Application Control

Drive Operational Efficiencies

Enable the
Digital Business

Endpoint Security Analytics & Auditing

Key Solution Functionalities are:

Establish Password Vault & Password Rotation

Credentials & Secrets Management


Elevation & Delegation Access Control

Session Monitoring/

Privileged Threat Analytics