Identity Governance & Administration (IGA)

Reduce operational costs and meet compliance with regulatory directives. Secure sensitive applications and data irrespective of hosted on on-premise or cloud.

Identity Governance is policy-based centralized orchestration and helps support enterprise IT security and regulatory compliance.

Whereas a typical employee lifecycle: who gets hired, changes departments or moves to a different location and resigns or perhaps asked to leave. When their roles evolve, so does their access to organizational information. This also holds good for external employees too – their logins, their user experience, and their security is as important as internal employee access.

This is where Identity Administration comes to the rescue by eliminating these concerns by managing an end-to-end Identity Lifecycle Management (ILM) for employees, contractors, suppliers, and customers. This includes granting access – account requests, approval workflows, automated provisioning, self-service password resets & access termination; and revoking access when employee leaves, ensuring business data doesn’t go with them.

What is Digital Identity?

Digital Identity is a vital security measure. It is data on an individual or entity used to represent a person, organization, application, or device, by various systems. Through a user’s digital identity, authentication and access to systems can be done automatically.

Why is Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) important?

In order to manage and control user access to applications, systems, and data, an Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) solution is important. This analysis allows an efficient way of provisioning appropriate access to the right users at the right time.

Do you want to take control of your Identities?

If yes is your answer, IDM Technologies’ Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) services allow you to take full control of your identities in your IT landscape to enhance your security posture, compliance capabilities, and operation efficiency. Below mentioned are a few of the key features, benefits, and advantages of deploying an Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) solution.

Centralized Repository

IGA enables you to know who has access to what by centralizing identities and access permissions to a common repository.

Provisioning and De-provisioning

Through IGA, provision user accounts and accesses based on business-driven rules. Also, instantly revoke access to critical resources when business needs are no longer valid.


By having IGA deployed, you can delegate administrators to manage their own users through a secure and reliable management console/interface.


One of the cool IGA features is allowing users to register for their own account, manage their own credentials, and request additional access through an easy workflow process.

User Access Reviews

By automating certification campaigns via the IGA, allows periodic review of users’ accounts and accesses; a breeze.

Role-Mining and Modelling

IGA is capable of having advanced and sophisticated algorithms for visual role mining and optimization.

Segregation of Duties (SoD)

Be confident, IGA is able to detect unauthorized access and instantly kill from where it all began, from the time of provisioning.

How does an Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) help?

An Identity Governance & Administration (IGA) solution ensures that users are automatically and efficiently provisioned with appropriate accounts and accesses based on their attributes and the business logic of the organization while being compliant with standards and regulations.

Security risks are growing; are you keeping pace?

Applications and infrastructure are rapidly growing on the cloud and on-premise. With breaches increasing in severity and number, organizations need robust solutions to control access, protect critical assets, and minimize risk.

Identity Governance

Partner with IGA experts

By partnering with IDM Technologies, your IGA journey becomes a success story; not an everlasting one. IGA regulates the status of authorizations, roles, SoD, and re-certifications within a company. We ensure that the assignment of authorizations takes into account all requirements of auditors and regulatory authorities.

An end-to-end IGA implementation

We use agile methods combined with our rich experience. We collaborate with our customers ensuring we integrate seamlessly with their processes; resulting in highly innovative, integrated IGA solutions that fit into the architecture of existing applications and are intelligent enough to scale.