IDM experts help organizations in improving the process, people & performance aspects of the system.

IDM experts helps organizations in improving the process, people & performance aspect of the system.

Key Services for:

Software Process Improvement

Project, Program & Portfolio Management

Software Testing & Quality

Business Process Improvement

Innovation Management

Service Management

Human Capability Management

Software Engineering & Management

Key Services

Custom Use Cases Design

Designing custom Identity & Access Management (IAM) use cases involves tailoring the IAM system to meet specific organizational needs and security requirements with a focus on security, usability, and alignment with organizational goals and stakeholders.

Custom Connector Development

Developing a custom Identity & Access Management (IAM) connector involves creating a bridge between your IAM system and other applications, services, or directories that might not be directly compatible with your existing IAM solution. This allows you to manage access, authentication, and authorization across various systems efficiently.

Custom Registration and Authentication Flows

Designing custom registration and authentication flows within an Identity & Access Management (IAM) system involves creating user-friendly and secure processes for users to sign up, log in, reset password and access resources.

Legacy and Incompatible Applications

It involves the challenging task of integrating legacy and incompatible apps keeping in view the differences in technology, protocols, and security models to bring these applications under IAM control to ensure consistent access management, security, and compliance typically involving application assessment, integration strategies and custom development.

Modernized Portal Development

Designing the portal with customizable branding elements that align with your organization’s visual identity and ensure that the portal be accessible to users with disabilities, adhering to global accessibility standards. UX/UI designers, front-end and back-end developers, security experts, and IAM administrators collaborate to create a portal that empowers users and administrators to efficiently manage identities and access while maintaining high security standards.


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