Access Management & Federation

Condense insider threats by implementing a robust zero-trust method.

Modernize your login process with a seamless user experience.

Seamlessly integrate your identities and systems to secure access from anywhere, at any time, and by any method by delivering risk-aware, end-to-end user authentication and single sign-on (SSO).


A surge in user efficiency and gratification

Deliver an easy path for your internal and external customers to access the systems and data they need through secure Access Management solution.

Key Solution Functionalities are:

Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless Authentication allows a user to gain access to an application or IT system without entering a password or answering security questions. Instead, the user provides biometrics; eliminating the need to remember usernames and strong & complex passwords; thus increasing overall security and user productivity.


Windows Native Authentication through Kerberos token without entering a Password Authentication based on app.

Single Sign-On

Reduce workload on admin and service desk and eliminate inconvenience for users.

Multi-factor Authentication

We ensure that your MFA strategy us simplified and implemented effortlessly. No matter what your MFA process is – SMS, challenge questions, KBA, mobile app, integration with 3rd party providers or biometric authentication.


Accessing through Kerberos token without asking credentials.

(SAML, OAuth2/OpenID)

Authentication allows entry into a system, and authorization allows access to specific features within the same system. Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) is an open standard that attempts to bridge the divide between authentication and authorization. OAuth is an open authorization standard. OpenID Connect is an authentication standard that runs on top of OAuth 2.0.